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Skate Camp Counselor:
Tyler Peterson

I have been skateboarding since I was 10 years old. I love skateboarding because it is a healthy escape from life and provides a sense of accomplishment, stress relief and socialization. I have worked at Shredders as a counselor for 3 years. I enjoy working with kids and sharing my passion of skateboarding with them. I also enjoy showing kids how to excel the way I did through skateboarding. I have seen it for myself that skateboarding can be an amazing beneficial life tool.

Chris von Blohn
Skate Camp Director:
Chris von Blohn

I started skating when I was 8. Skateboarding was attractive to me because there wasn't pressure around it. I enjoy the creativity involved in skateboarding because it is a great way to express yourself. There is always a new object to skate and a new idea on how to skate that object. At Shredders I enjoy watching the campers put their focus into something while having fun. At Shredders our goal is to show campers how to enjoy skateboarding the way we enjoy it ourselves. Above all it is all about having fun!






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