Shredders Virtual Skate Lessons

May 4th - June 15th, 2020

Monday, Wenesday, Friday

Time:  12PM to 12:50PM, 1PM to 1:50PM, 2PM-2:50PM, 3PM-3:50PM and 4PM-4:50PM 


Shredders Skate Camp is now offering online virtual indoor and outdoor skateboard lessons through Zoom. Each lesson includes a short recap of the previous lesson and a synopsis of the tricks and skills we will work on for this session and the next session.  We have a female skater named Shelby who is excellent at empowering girls to skate in addition to me (Chris von Blohn, Shredders Camp Director). 

What to bring: a Zoom account, Skateboard, Safety gear (helmet, elbow, knee, wrist guards), a space to skate outdoors or indoors (if your parents let you and apple earphones or earbuds.

Contact Chris for any questions: (415) 529-8364


$50 per session

$135 per 3 sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday (this is highly recommended because each class builds on the skills learned in last class.)

Contact info:

Chris von Blohn